Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Jawili Falls

Another side trip in Aklan, Jawili is a barangay in Tangalan town around 20-30 minutes travel from Kalibo town proper. From Tangalan we rented a tricycle to bring us to Jawili falls, we had a very short trip to the falls since there's nothing more to explore inside. I just tried to dipped in my toes as the water was really cold. We had seen a few meter waterfalls that almost run dries and a few cottages. An entrance fee of PhP5 per head maybe for the maintenance of cottages but it seems the place was not developed as a tourist spot.

Though we enjoyed picture taking :-)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sampaguita Garden Resort

We had visited Sampaguita Garden Resort in Aklan last Jan. 17 2010, a side trip before heading to Boracay Island. Surprisingly, the place is a must see in Aklan!

Had toured the Gingerbread house, where you will find a lot of dolls dressed up differently, such as the Ati, Angel, wedding, Filipiniana wearing dolls, and a lot of stuff to see. On the second and third floors of the house you will find Christmas Cottage, and all-year Christmas ambiance!

Aside from the Gingerbread house, there's a seawall at the back of the resort, a few bench to sit back, breath some fresh air, and relax.

Inside the resort there's also a chapel, a mini playground, restaurant, and swimming pool, I think you can use it free when you book in the hotel. A consumable entrance fee of PhP50 per adult and PhP30 per child, you can use it as a payment when you buy any item on the resort.

If ever I plan to go back to Kalibo, Aklan, I will definitely visit again the Sampaguita Resort.