Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hamster: Niño and Niña

I bought a hamster a month ago, a pair of cute little creatures. Though we had before, but Max (our pet's name) died because I forgot to close his cage and I assumed he jumped out and was eaten by a stray cat. It took several months before I brought a new one.

Since hamsters are nocturnal animals, I've always expect that in the evening they are awake.

...and there was this funny thing one time when I was checking our pet...

Niño had eaten their food and was already playing with their wheel so I was wandering why Niña did not go out with there little shelter. I checked inside, and found her sleeping like dead. I tried to wake her up by tapping it but did not move a bit. I called my mother and asked her if she saw Niña went out earlier but she said no and told me our pet were asleep all day. What I did next was I tilt their house and tried to gave her a shake but to no avail I found no response from her. I was already feeling sorry for Niño because he would be all alone...and so when I was about to pull Niña out of their little house she moved like she was trembling. OMG! what happen to her she must be dying!...and again I carefully tried to get her out....Lo and behold! Niña slowly open her eyes, like she was disturbed in her sleep...nestled her head out of their little window looks really feel sleepy...

If she could only talk, she maybe feeling irate bigtime and yelling me..."WTF are you doing? Can't you see I'm having a good and nice morning sleep?! haller!

LOL!!! She just slept like a log!...sorry :-D

(in the photo shown Niño's sleeping position, cute neh!)