Friday, 25 February 2011

Post Heart Day Outfit :-)

I called it Heart Day outfit maybe because of red wedge heels!...and the girly pink leopard print longsleeve top whew haba! :-)

I so heart talaga the red shoes unfortunately it's masikip that's why I'm selling it on ebay huhu...if only it's not masakit sa paa hay I'll keep it until masira sya sa kakagamit :-D

Monday, 14 February 2011

All Dressed Up

I compiled some of my photo op...all dressed up with nowhere to go! :-D the only OOTD in the picture is the knee sock+DIY shorts+purple longsleeves. Almost all were thrifted except denim pants+black heels.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


I wore this dress once pa lang when I attended my friends wedding, usherette nga ako but I never remember kung may nagawa ba ko during the wedding hehe... It's a plain blue body hugging dress inaaccesorize ko lang yung waist band (nauso yan dati!) saka yung color ng shoes iba rin para wag lang maging monotone ang dating. Syempre ulit photo ops lang yan...

Ang palda ni Inay

Hay, walang magawa sa bahay kaya nag photo ops na lang ako wearing my maxi skirt and black long sleeves, experimental outfit actually! hehe...

I called it palda ni Inay kase when I was young I remember mga skirt ng nanay ganito eh and since I'm a mother myself now why not try it! at muka namang fashionable na sya but never wear it outside yet...soon gagamitin ko 'toh! ayaw lang ng anak kong 6yo boy kase nakakatawa daw kaya eto sa loob lang muna ng bahay hehe...

From wannabe blogger to real me...

I'm not really a writer or poet or anything that relates to writing...I feel like I'm tired of putting my thoughts into words that I can not express myself clearly (that's what I think!) so I guess, I'm switching to a conversational or no-grammar rules writing :-)

And since this is only a personal blog and I don't intend to let the whole world know my existence...and why I called myself Pinay if I don't use my own native tongue?! har har! may it be taglish (tagalog-english), tagbis (tagalog-bisaya) or any dialect I knew as long as I don't use profane or bad words in here, no rules! yeah! :-D