Monday, 26 December 2011

Road trip to highland...again

We went here not so long ago but on the other side of the highland. What makes this place a romantic getaway? I guess the cold weather and the thoughts of going out of town just the two of you that makes it romantic...for me :)

 Taal volcano

 hanging bridge along the eco trail

silhouette of mine on a foggy Tagaytay!

 my mysterious loving driver-photographer :D (don't get mad babe! :))

This is the nearest place we can go..for now. That's why the place been featured here twice already :D

Christmas gift

Last month the bf asked me what I want for Christmas, I can't think of anything.He's so thoughtful and sweet. He always bring something whenever we see each other..."I don't need anything, all I want for Christmas is...YOU!" I said.

But then here's what I've got...:D

Actually this isn't a surprise because I was there when he bought it, I chose the watch myself, the saleslady adjusted the band to fit into my wrist but I did not wear it right there and then :) on a whim, I asked him to wrapped the gift and had it open on Christmas day :D...this may not be the most expensive gift someone can ever received...but the thought matters so much to me!

 so sweet! :)

I have not given him yet my Christmas presents...until now I can't think of anything :D whenever I asked him he just said "just always be there and love me faithfully..." hmm the cheapest gift I can ever give! no amount of money can ever buy a faithful love :)

Emo!...Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Have attended a field training exercise and was supposed to be one of the instructors for Basic Life Support/First Aid training...but it ended up, I was one of the trainees :D have to undergo rappelling and firing too!
 prep for rappelling (improvised harness)
 my turn to rappel
 used up one magazine..
 ..and got bruises in my arm afterwards :D

A very tiring day but unforgettable! :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

My heart belongs to you...

Dear BF,

I'm planning to have it printed on my shirt. Hope you'll like it :)

Proud GF

Monday, 21 November 2011

A quick trip to Tagaytay City

An unplanned quick trip + no decent photo = memorable for me :D

memorable's our first out of town trip (hopefully more to go!). Here's the resto where we had our late dinner.

I wonder how much they paid for this cottage??
in this particular area dining in will cost no less than PhP1250
instead we had our dinner here no minimum orders required :D

this is an excellent view if only I had a better digicam :(
overlooking Taal volcano (the smallest in the world)

Hopefully we'll have better photos on our next trip.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Isn't it obvious?

a few little things from the bf...

 meet Ceb 'd stuffed toy (Cebu Pacific Air's mascot) a shirt, a wing and ATR pin.

 meet them up close! :D

did I mention he's a pilot? isn't it obvious eh :D

Ceb - on-board
shirt/wing pin - from PAF
ATR pin - gifted

Monday, 31 October 2011

A visit to Philippine AirForce museum

Have no time to blog for quite sometime now due to busy schedule. I've attended a 1 week class, a field work and graduation.

But got a chance to unwind a little...:)

It so happen that I stayed near the airbase that's why I got a chance to visit the place in between my class schedule. The bf was also a former AF pilot so I was able to strolled at the base and museum, which I've been wanting long time ago :D (PAF museum is open to the public but not sure if you need to be escorted)...felt he missed his beloved work :)

The 3rd pic by the way is the presidential plane used by the Marcoses during their time :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tsumori Chisato walk thrifted

Again I got this mustard boots from thrift shop, Tsumori Chisato for $4 like new! though Philippines have only 2 seasons, the uber hot summer (whole year round :D) and the stormy months (from May to December)! hmm still a fan of boots (dreaming of fall and winter months just once pls...)

Hopefully I can take a photo outfit for this shoes it's been a while since I last posted an OOTD. I have lotsa thrifted stuff am just a little lazy to take photos :D

on another note:
currently our province is under signal #2...please typhoon  Pedring (international name: Nesat) leave our country ASAP and damage free or at least don't claim lives. God please spare us from another Ondoy disaster...

Monday, 5 September 2011

MIA x Thrifted

whoa been mia for a month?! quite busy and had no time to take my outfit photos :D though still on my thrifting hobby. I bought some and sell some :)'s one of those..

a Rocket dog sandals, cute but tiny for my feet so I sell it instead :) I'll share the other finds on my next? blog :D

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Post training outfit

I managed to take an OOTD photo after the whole day training I attended.

Thrifted this J.Crew long sleeve top, chiffon fabric, collared and ruffled deep v-neck somewhat an animal print (not sure :D) I wanted to remove the ruffles because it's too girly for my taste but decided to leave it as it is. I think it's serves as accessory so no need to don more blings. Just wore long necklace to cover my peeping cleavage :D paired it with my hobo fringed bag which is a thrift find also :)

I bought it the night before and I was kinda ecstatic to wear it so I washed it as soon as I got home and since it's a light weight fabric it dries up easily. Who would say it came fresh from the thrift store? :D Some of my colleagues didn't recognize me maybe they were used to seeing me in a boyish (my usual company provided uniform huh!)get up most of the time.

hah thrift shopping is soooo addicting I hate it! :/

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Customized shoe: JC Burke

Ok so here's my customized shoe I've mentioned on my previous entry! Got it last Tuesday, I'm happy with the finished product in general though just a little bit disappointed with workmanship. I find some flaws that almost failed my quality criteria but since it's my first to have a customized shoe and it's first time for the shoemaker to make a platform heels, I'll defer my OCness for now. I'm planning to have another customized and my inspiration are already waiting! but not so soon...:)

As for the JC Burke (
what?? who?? is he/she a shoe magnate?) Well he/she is not a known neither unknown shoe designer for your info :D...
I find Jeffrey Campbell's foxy shoes so enviable but I don't think I can afford such shoesies with my frugal mindset and petty income, that's next to impossible to buy :D...but of course I'm still hoping and wishing to shoefairy to grant me a
JC foxy :D...anyways so, I 've also came across this photo of Brooke Burke's python heels (forgot the website failed :( )...


in short this is JC foxy and Burke's heels inpired shoes, hence the name - JC Burke heels! :D unfortunately no available snakeskin on the market. According to shoemaker it's banned! (hmm python and snakes becoming endangered species because of fashion? nay! :D..

I opted for nude leather instead :) JC for the heels and Burke's crisscross strap-open toe style (minus toe cleavage)...can't wait to wear this! just in time for the "godmother" thing by end of month :D

Saturday, 9 July 2011

thrift shopping again! :)

I can't remember when was the last time I bought a shoes from a boutique or department stores. If I remember it correctly it's been a year since I got addicted on buying shoes from a thrift shop. Back reading my blog you'll see some of my thrift find, mostly shoes but I don't limit my buying to shoes only, anything that interests me and if the price is right I grab it :D I also venture on ebay purchases...the downsides are additional shipping fee and the sizing.

Ok back to my thrifted shoes, top photo is an American Eagle Outfitters polka dot canvas ballet flats, 'twas almost new -a mall display maybe. Comfortable insole with an arched footbed. I haven't worn it yet (except for photo op) The second shoes, Camper Greta 20909 wedge sandals, so comfortable! in fact I've been using it everyday for almost a week now :) any outfit can do with it, may it be skirt or jeans...I sooo like it! I found the similar shoes at shoesopia :)...not bad for $7 from $99!! :D

In another note, I'll be posting my customized shoes soon! :)

Friday, 1 July 2011

My kid won't like it!

Bought another maxi dress at "mobile" thrift store. It's a Bebe dress, sheer fabric with satin lining. If you've noticed the inside lining, it's as long as the outside I just fold it to create a sexy silhouette :)...and got a slimmer figure in here , d'ya think so?! hahaha

I was talking to a friend on my mobile phone while taking this photo outfit. She never had any idea I was posing here and there while chatting w/ her! hehe

I love dressing, unfortunately, there's only few occasion I can wear dresses. We're new in the neighborhood, no friends, no relatives to go out with. The boyfriend not yet home, still at the Atlantic ocean working his ass on a cargo vessel, no dates to attend to :(...anyways, despite of fewer events happening in our new place and the sporadic weather I'd still manage to dress once in a while :)...but the kid is a little conservative (boy @7yo huh!) doesn't want to see me in plunging neckline, short shorts (any outfit that shows thighs and legs), bare backs and see throughs! weeh I love my kid :D

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wedge shoes

As I've mention in my previous post my wedge is almost dying :( fortunately, as I pass by this mobile thrift store/s (huh?) I found this xhilaration wedge (upper photos) which is perfect pair for all my floor sweeping raiments weehh! :D just included 2 more wedges I owned. These are for casual and everyday get ups! as I'm not a fan of heels (unless chunky or kitten) while malling (stroll in shopping mall :)

mobile, because they don't have a booth just a tent, they're only there 2 times a week and I don't know where they are on some other days :D

floor length maxi dress

Got this maxi dress last week while thrift-shopping. The length is for floor sweeping :) I had to dig my very old and almost dying 1 finger wedge to pair with this dress 'coz I don't feel like pairing it with any of my heels, too casual maybe?!. Wear it with flats and you're leaving your back without dust! :D hmm definitely not light-weight fabric but very comfy and I can wear it even on hot and humid weather!

Oh! and I got a nice background here...a slippers, a collection of dust, and rolled poster! hehe

Saturday, 21 May 2011

OOTD photo @ PUJ terminal :)

Quick outfit post of the day! taken from PUJ terminal while waiting for our shuttle service (dare those stares from drivers and barkers?! as long as I can have my photo outfit, who cares?! :D)...I just wore here my Chevignon pants and bootie (all thrifted :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

skeleton accessorizzzeee...

I'm not the accessorize-type of person. Watch, earrings, and my favorite stainless middle ring I'm good to go!...I do buy bling blings sometimes but I seldom wear it. I easily or got too lazy to wear it after a few times.

I found this long necklace cute! had wore it with any outfit, girly to boyish get-up! :) and currently my favorite, I think! :D hmm I intend to buy another one, a vintage-y pendant owl, elephant or a locket...what d'ya think?...uhmm I'm eying for the owl pendant! :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My schutz from Adora!

I won in Like MyShoephoria contest last week. We had our shoe shopping @ Adora Greenbelt 5. I got so overwhelmed seeing those sea of shoes! I had a hard time of choosing my shoe prize. I want a flats so that I can wear it anytime but I also like heels, it's sexy you know! :) but decided to chose the latter!...was so elated the next day I wore it when we went to Christian church at Victory The Fort and my friend told me "oh di ba bagay ang shoes mo dito!" (oh see? your shoes belong here!)...most of my friends thought had lose weight maybe because I added some height with my 5 in sandals! looks can be deceiving huh! :D

My first time at the Market! Market! so camwhoring time :D

Friday, 6 May 2011

Meet Marc, Nina and Sam & Libby!

I acquired 3 thrifted shoes from two different store...I've been looking for a red shoes for a long time now...and now here they are, the wedge and the sling back!...but the 2 shoes (Marc Jacobs and Sam & Libby) are up for sale in my facebook store :D

I sooo like the red sling back! i'll keep it if it won't hurt my feet :)

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Blogger favicon changed!

I'm so happy I've been able to change my favicon (that B w/ orange background) with my temporary image URL (photo above grabbed from Amazon). Thanks to you Zuzi of Salad of my life ! A step by step guide how to change favicon here :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

thrift shopping!

Went thrift shopping last Friday and bought these 3 items. Zara woman sheer top and red fabric belt and the other one is H&Mmama skirt ala dress :)...I DIYed the skirt, make a two pleats on the waist to tightened it. So, dress or skirt?!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mother, mother I am sick! call the doctor very quick!

Actually wala si mader nasa province. Got sick pagbalik ko from a 3 day vacation (huh?)...sobrang pagod siguro...di nga matawag na vacation eh kase I just smell my hometown's air and leave! :(...pagbalik work agad...kaya ayun!...

...had sorethroat, aching joints and maskels (muscles! :D)...I brought myself to the doctor, kakaiba sya ha!...I hate going to doctors because of their "prescribe medicine"...but him (Dr. Alfonso-Surgeon, ata from ARDI Clark) insisted not to give me any medication except lozenges, enough rest, and water therapy! like it!...tipid na less stress pa! kaiisip pambili ng gamot hehe...he told no night life/gimik for the moment (rest nga eh! dahil siguro sa outfit ko muka akong maglalamierda! harhar) and no smoking (I don't naman talaga!) straight daw ako! :D...

as for the outfit from top to bottom thrifted yan!...H&M pinstripe polo, miniskirt (?), Camper loafer, Balenciaga bag (weh di nga?!) :0...that's all for now!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Roaming around in maxi skirt

Finally had wore this skirt not for photo ops only! while roaming around the campus, wearing maxi and boots combo before heading home last week. Btw, I'm referring to aviation school where I work, not studying. I live in dormitory found inside the school which is near the school's training facility. Had blog about my work 2 years ago, read it for yourself here

Had resigned but back it here! :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

thrifted shoes!

Recent acquisition from my favorite thrift store!...2 shoes up for sale! posted on facebook...just include mum's shoes but not for like the print on its wedge if only it fits me I'll be keeping it :)

top left: 2 toned Pump, random chinese brand

top right: flat shoes, Zara TRF

bottom left: sandals with heels, Macy's

bottom right: girly wedge, Sole Innovation by Rockport (mum's)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Simply malling

simple and comfortable outfit for malling :)

Zara TRF on flat :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Birthday outfit!

'twas not my birthday, 'twas boyfies bday!...I celebrated his myself as he's not here, he's somewhere in the middle of South Atlantic ocean! :)...I just prep myself as if I'll be having a dinner date with him :)...for sure he'll like my easy "access" outfit! ;D

I wore thrifted denim skirt, red shoes and sleeveless top from ebay!

Weekend OOTD

This is my outfit in the office. Since it's Sunday -no boss, no rules on uniform!...guess where's this spot? ha ha I like the light pink tiles' reflections it refreshes my aura :D

Arnold Palmer boots thrifted

The devil wears Prada!

It's out of my comfort zone! wearing an outfit that not so like me :D Cropped sleeveless top, a miniskirt and a 4 inch heels all in one is really fierce for my taste!...though for sure I can pull this off if I'll be attending a fashion event eh hehe

...and I'm toting a Prada bag! :)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Off to school!

No I'm not into school anymore...I'm sharing this outfit taken last week before I bring my son to school...and...whoa! I see those skeptic eyes following my butt...just ignore them besides I did not violate their school rules, I think! :D

I don here Korean brand fuchsia pink ls, Have (on tag) satin shorts, Darlington sheer stocking, and Camper loafer.

cam whoring!

cam whoring! that's what I did last night :) I decided to do some photo ops for my chictopia entry. I tried different outfit to choose and select which is best har har