Thursday, 21 February 2013

3D/3N in Cebu

I forgot how to write my thoughts anymore haha...anyways, I just wanna share my short vacay in Cebu not so much thing happens there just so happy I was with the boy :)

 not the typical flowers and chocs on Valentine. Gifts from hubby, thanks Papa!

after the mass @ Señor Sto. Niño de Cebu. Post-natal body yay! 
wearing hubby's belt that's how huge I am now :)

 our post Valentine lunch date @ The Tinder Box. mind you we're that big but
we're not a food lover hehe we almost didn't finish our food.
our favorite! fried ice cream yummy!

met my high school classmate for more than 2 decades of not seeing each other!
another post natal body pics look at the thighs!! hahaha

How can you fall in love to someone you're already in love with? hahaha


Thursday, 19 July 2012

thrifted part II: shoes and bags

Another set of thrifted items :)

the orange handbag ala Hermes :), the black is a CD, pink envelope clutch, another (abused) handbag
H&M bootie, Mudd wedges, Marc Jacobs flat shoes, Predictions red flat

I'm not suppose to wear heels but could not resist buying the black bootie (H&M), it's ok to wear wedges but not in front of the hubby :D...flats are my best friends for now so I settled for these two.

Even in my blog shows how lazy I am since week 1 of my pregnancy...I can't even take a photo of each item :)...I'm on to my 33rd week and it's really tiring :(

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

thrifted: tops and dresses

Here are some of the items I thrifted for the last few months...the dresses are for my growing baby bumps :) not maternity dresses, I just chose stretchy fabric so that I can wear it after I give birth.

Hope I can find time to take a pictures wearing those while still preggy :)

 red polka dot, Gap 3/4 sleeves, Zara blazer, and H&M black top

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

21 weeks @ the beach

We had our company team building last April 30-May 1 @ Camayan Beach Resort. And was 21 weeks on the way then but still joined most of the activities (not so much physical activities anyway (: )

 our hotel accommodation

 our veranda

 hotel facade

 our welcome buffet lunch

@ the beach with my 21 weeks bump :D

Head out to the beach early in the morning, around 6am, beyond 8am the heat will burn you! :D

Monday, 16 April 2012

Can't Think Of Anything To Blog About

yeah right :)...for the sake of update here I am...:D

 an unplanned, quick trip to Mambucal Resort, Murcia Negros Occidental
last March 16

an awkward pose near the lagoon :D

strolling around the area :)

Noticed my bump?...wore two-piece swimsuit @ 15 weeks yay! :)...

Friday, 30 March 2012

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I heart you!

I had no entry this last few weeks 'coz I lost my data cable which I use to transfer my photo from my digicam...and finally found it last night!

I received a Nina Ricci EDT and a bouquet of candy flowers w/ Hello Kitty from, of course, the sweet boyfie :)

Nothing spectacular date happen last St. Valentine's day, we just ate, talked and talked, just a quality time together. I don't really celebrate this event on a particular date. For me everyday is loveee...may it be Feb. 14 or any date it's all the same when you both love to be with each other :) weeh cheezy!

Sooo belated hearts day to 7 billion people!