Sunday, 24 July 2011

Post training outfit

I managed to take an OOTD photo after the whole day training I attended.

Thrifted this J.Crew long sleeve top, chiffon fabric, collared and ruffled deep v-neck somewhat an animal print (not sure :D) I wanted to remove the ruffles because it's too girly for my taste but decided to leave it as it is. I think it's serves as accessory so no need to don more blings. Just wore long necklace to cover my peeping cleavage :D paired it with my hobo fringed bag which is a thrift find also :)

I bought it the night before and I was kinda ecstatic to wear it so I washed it as soon as I got home and since it's a light weight fabric it dries up easily. Who would say it came fresh from the thrift store? :D Some of my colleagues didn't recognize me maybe they were used to seeing me in a boyish (my usual company provided uniform huh!)get up most of the time.

hah thrift shopping is soooo addicting I hate it! :/

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Customized shoe: JC Burke

Ok so here's my customized shoe I've mentioned on my previous entry! Got it last Tuesday, I'm happy with the finished product in general though just a little bit disappointed with workmanship. I find some flaws that almost failed my quality criteria but since it's my first to have a customized shoe and it's first time for the shoemaker to make a platform heels, I'll defer my OCness for now. I'm planning to have another customized and my inspiration are already waiting! but not so soon...:)

As for the JC Burke (
what?? who?? is he/she a shoe magnate?) Well he/she is not a known neither unknown shoe designer for your info :D...
I find Jeffrey Campbell's foxy shoes so enviable but I don't think I can afford such shoesies with my frugal mindset and petty income, that's next to impossible to buy :D...but of course I'm still hoping and wishing to shoefairy to grant me a
JC foxy :D...anyways so, I 've also came across this photo of Brooke Burke's python heels (forgot the website failed :( )...


in short this is JC foxy and Burke's heels inpired shoes, hence the name - JC Burke heels! :D unfortunately no available snakeskin on the market. According to shoemaker it's banned! (hmm python and snakes becoming endangered species because of fashion? nay! :D..

I opted for nude leather instead :) JC for the heels and Burke's crisscross strap-open toe style (minus toe cleavage)...can't wait to wear this! just in time for the "godmother" thing by end of month :D

Saturday, 9 July 2011

thrift shopping again! :)

I can't remember when was the last time I bought a shoes from a boutique or department stores. If I remember it correctly it's been a year since I got addicted on buying shoes from a thrift shop. Back reading my blog you'll see some of my thrift find, mostly shoes but I don't limit my buying to shoes only, anything that interests me and if the price is right I grab it :D I also venture on ebay purchases...the downsides are additional shipping fee and the sizing.

Ok back to my thrifted shoes, top photo is an American Eagle Outfitters polka dot canvas ballet flats, 'twas almost new -a mall display maybe. Comfortable insole with an arched footbed. I haven't worn it yet (except for photo op) The second shoes, Camper Greta 20909 wedge sandals, so comfortable! in fact I've been using it everyday for almost a week now :) any outfit can do with it, may it be skirt or jeans...I sooo like it! I found the similar shoes at shoesopia :)...not bad for $7 from $99!! :D

In another note, I'll be posting my customized shoes soon! :)

Friday, 1 July 2011

My kid won't like it!

Bought another maxi dress at "mobile" thrift store. It's a Bebe dress, sheer fabric with satin lining. If you've noticed the inside lining, it's as long as the outside I just fold it to create a sexy silhouette :)...and got a slimmer figure in here , d'ya think so?! hahaha

I was talking to a friend on my mobile phone while taking this photo outfit. She never had any idea I was posing here and there while chatting w/ her! hehe

I love dressing, unfortunately, there's only few occasion I can wear dresses. We're new in the neighborhood, no friends, no relatives to go out with. The boyfriend not yet home, still at the Atlantic ocean working his ass on a cargo vessel, no dates to attend to :(...anyways, despite of fewer events happening in our new place and the sporadic weather I'd still manage to dress once in a while :)...but the kid is a little conservative (boy @7yo huh!) doesn't want to see me in plunging neckline, short shorts (any outfit that shows thighs and legs), bare backs and see throughs! weeh I love my kid :D