Friday, 11 September 2009

Airbus A320 Simulator

What is A320 Full Flight Simulator? It is a replica of Airbus A320 cockpit. Used by Pilots for their training. Inside the simulator are actual cockpit instruments, seats (for pilot, co-pilot, trainer, and observer), instructor’s computer, extra folded seats, engineering computer terminal (for maintenance use) and circuit breakers. For the outside deck you will see four peripheral compartments (for sound and audio cards, power supplies, circuit breakers, etc). Door on the right side, access to visual area. On the left side, access to upper deck where you can find the visual projector and its power supply. 


Anything can be simulated here from take-off to landing, taxiing, engine failures, airport runways, thunder and lightning, stormy weather…to name a few. You can even position the simulated aircraft to a certain nautical miles. When the simulator is in full motion you will feel the same experience like real flying. Feel nauseated during air pocket and feel the bumps during take off. Good thing in simulator flying is you will not die W even on crash landing, only the impact of collision can be felt. 

When I was working in Clark Aviation as simulator maintenance, we have to man the sim 24/7. Training time depends on the schedule sent by Cebu Pacific; customer of Clark Aviation. Maintenance time usually done on wee hours such as cleaning the entire cockpit, checking the instruments, performing sound and audio check, visual inspection, fly the sim in full motion (at least once in my life I became a simulator pilot LOL!) and a bunch of checklist hüh. When the sim is ongoing training it is closely monitored by maintenance on duty.  Just to make sure training will not be interrupted. I guess an hour of training costs a thousand dollars which the company can not afford to lose such huge amount of money. That’s why we treat the simulator like a very precious gem J   


The company used to offer a once in a life time experience of simulator flying, of course with fee. I just don’t know if they still offer it. Before, they accepts wannabe pilot but with a surprising $80 000 tuition fee for one year. Gee! How expensive it is to become one! 

Just don’t ask me why I am not in simulator world anymore huh though it is a very promising career…hope you enjoy reading and learned a little! 

Quoted from simtech forum: 

“Take off is optional but landing is mandatory”

Monday, 7 September 2009

Collection of Sentimetal Songs

I am a sentimental person. Even my ex-boyfriend called me hopeless romantic…whenever I listen to these songs I can’t help it but get emotional…

“Music expresses feelings and thoughts, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” ~Robert G. Ingersoll

Friday, 4 September 2009

Pampanga's Best

I lived in Angeles City, Pampanga for almost 1 year when I was working in Clark Eco-zone. Clark, Angeles in particular is a first class municipality. My first reaction when I first landed my feet in this place was “a City that never sleeps!”

My first visit there was to attend a job interview. I knew nothing about this place. I have no friends or relatives living there. But I felt so excited that I didn’t mind if I can find a place to stay since it was already late in the afternoon when I arrived. I didn’t feel worried when I saw the City. They have it all, name it…hotels, bars, restaurants, malls, you’ll find everything that can be found in Manila and their residents need not to go far to experience the modern life.

Inside the economic zone you’ll experience fresh air and greener scenery. A lot of big old trees can be found here. Bicentennial (shown in photo) and Stotsenberg parks are also open for everyone who would like to relax, there are picnic tables (grilling areas are also provided), children’s playground, jogging areas, a wide open field where you can sit down and enjoy watching around. There are also the high end resorts Mimosa and Fontana, Duty free for your shopping needs. Another place to see inside is the Nayong Pilipino sa Clark – here you will find the replica or miniature tourist spot of the Philippines.

Outside the eco-zone is where the city life lies in the maingate area. For the night life there are a lot of bars to choose from along Fields Avenue to Friendship gate. Spa and beauty salon spreads everywhere. There are also a lot of places to stay found along these streets. Most of the time hotels are fully book on weekends so be ready to book early if you’re planning to visit Clark. As soon as Christmas is coming they put up an amusement park “Boom na Boom” near SM mall.

During my stay in Pampanga I rented an apartment near Angeles City proper. Since Clark maingate have higher cost of living I chose to live outside for a cheaper budget. For only a minimum fare I can go to anywhere within the city. Market, hospital, and schools are walking distance from where I stay.

Watch out for my next blog about Pampanga…

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Traffic Jam along Daanghari road

Everyday our shuttle service passes through Daanghari road from pick-up and drop-off point. Exclusive villages were found here -Verdana, Portofino, Alabang Southvale, and a lot more. Most private cars, jeepneys, motorcycles pass along this road because this is a shortcut way from Alabang to Cavite.

The chokepoint in that area is 500m away from Shell station going to Ayala Alabang road. The 2 way heavily curve lane creates heavy traffic everyday. It is really a burden to commuters to pass along this area especially when or after the rain because it flooded and some cars can not pass easily.

As I observed, the lane is really so narrow in which large-bodied vehicles will have a hard time to maneuver, that causes traffic. The only way to at least lessen the traffic, I guess, is to widen the road as there’s still more space to use as lanes. Hopefully, the local government or homeowners affected will find ways to improve the area.