Monday, 31 January 2011

Loving long sleeves

I love wearing long sleeves now a days. And since the weather is cool it is the best time to wear one! though summer is fast approaching hayz...
If I remember it right I have never ever wore a similar top in my entire life :-)...I am a jeans+shirt+sneaker person just to depart from my usual fashion outfit I decided to try some new look. I hope it's not too late for me yey!...

Friday, 21 January 2011

A maxi dress

I feel like I have so much to say today huh! :-) one cares this is my blog anyway hehe...ok enough I just want to share another thrift store find...

I'm not a dress lover, in fact I don't remember when was the last time I wore a dress :-) graduation? on a friend's wedding? for photo-ops yeah but not for malling or not for just casual outfit...but what makes me decide to buy this simple dress is its soft fabric, it's cool when you wear it, checkered in pink(pink like it!). You will not see anything amazing on it, nothing fab just a simple cut sleeveless dress. Anyway, who cares if it only cost no more than $1 hehe...

I'm gonna wear this one of this days! I'm just waiting for the perfect moment and GUTS! hahaha...paired it with the white pump but had to crop the picture because the photo was taken inside our messy room! :-)

Feeling young...

I'm wearing here Camper loafer shoes pair it with knee sock, old denim pants turned into ripped shorts...wear also a button-down long sleeve from a thrift store; Made in Spain according on its tag :-) 36 (almost 37), I wore such outfit intended for younger generation :-))

T-strap Pumps

Again I've found a simple but sexy T-strap mid heels shoes on shades of brown (Bole). The insole is really super soft!

Brand: Clarks
Size: 9

Online thrift store

Whew! why I can't wait to write another blog on my thrift find :-)...maybe in time I can not sustain this blog anymore (lol!) if I would only tackle all about thrift store finds...I think the two reasons why I am addicted on buying thrift pieces is that I am into changing wardrobe style and of course amazing low low prices of branded shoes and clothing!

I find myself nowadays wearing long sleeves and boots or pumps. Since I can not afford of buying (and will not buy!) expensive stuff just for the sake of wearing "in" of today...I think thrift store is the answer of wearing fashion for less...on the photo I'm wearing Sisley; clothing brand of Benetton group...definitely I won't buy it in Benetton boutique...only in thrift store hahaha...

I have a feeling...someday I will have my own online thrift store :-))...I really hope so keeping my fingers cross!

Satin Bedsheet

Oh this is the bedsheet I bought on my favorite thrift store (I think so! because I bought a lot of item from them :-)) . It has a flower design and looks and feel expensive piece of sheet! :-)) (sorry for the blurred photo)

Size: double (fitted)

White t-strap pumps

Here's another shoes I bought from the same thrift store. Though you'll see a lot of scuff marks on it :-) as you can see on the insoles it's Jellybeans but tried to search for this brand...I've always find a jelly bean candy! :-D

Size: 9

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Another visit to thrift store

Last sunday my son and I went bonding in a mall near our place. And of course I can't leave there without visiting the thrift store. Had bought a satin bedsheet, I don't know if it's wise to buy a similar piece on a thrift store as we all know mostly are second hand products. Well as far as I know, those pieces undergo sanitation or sterilization before setting in the market ( I just hope so!)

Anyway can't resist of buying it (I'll show you the photo next time)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Loafer shoes

I’ve been looking for a shoe that would better pair with my black knee sock and I found this one! This is one of my favorite shoe find, slip on Camper shoes! Its insole is soft, friendly for long walk. I had paired it with my ripped shorts and skinny jeans. A casual shoes, so any casual outfit will do! Bought this last December 2010 so far this is the last pair I have acquired.

Size: 8

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Metallic ankle boots

What I like most in this boots is it’s very comfy I had used it many times! It's not so fab but it's so versatile! I can wear it with any outfit but I’ve always wear it with my flared jeans though I have tried it also with skirt, tights, or shorts and it look all ok for me.

Size: 9

Knee length boots

I bought another one from the same thrift store, a black Staccato leather boots. I have not used it outside, just wear it for photo-ops! I paired it with a blue checkered mini skirt and pink halter top. If I would wear this outside maybe I’ll match it with a tight jeans or leggings.

Size: 10

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mid-hi boots

Got inspired of buying boots from Lauren of I am bourgeois. This is the first item I bought from a thrift store. I had used it a couple of times. It’s comfy even for an extended walk, less than half an inch heels and in soft leather. I find it rugged so I don’t feel like matching it with a dress.

Size: 9