Saturday, 26 March 2011

Roaming around in maxi skirt

Finally had wore this skirt not for photo ops only! while roaming around the campus, wearing maxi and boots combo before heading home last week. Btw, I'm referring to aviation school where I work, not studying. I live in dormitory found inside the school which is near the school's training facility. Had blog about my work 2 years ago, read it for yourself here

Had resigned but back it here! :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

thrifted shoes!

Recent acquisition from my favorite thrift store!...2 shoes up for sale! posted on facebook...just include mum's shoes but not for like the print on its wedge if only it fits me I'll be keeping it :)

top left: 2 toned Pump, random chinese brand

top right: flat shoes, Zara TRF

bottom left: sandals with heels, Macy's

bottom right: girly wedge, Sole Innovation by Rockport (mum's)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Simply malling

simple and comfortable outfit for malling :)

Zara TRF on flat :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Birthday outfit!

'twas not my birthday, 'twas boyfies bday!...I celebrated his myself as he's not here, he's somewhere in the middle of South Atlantic ocean! :)...I just prep myself as if I'll be having a dinner date with him :)...for sure he'll like my easy "access" outfit! ;D

I wore thrifted denim skirt, red shoes and sleeveless top from ebay!

Weekend OOTD

This is my outfit in the office. Since it's Sunday -no boss, no rules on uniform!...guess where's this spot? ha ha I like the light pink tiles' reflections it refreshes my aura :D

Arnold Palmer boots thrifted

The devil wears Prada!

It's out of my comfort zone! wearing an outfit that not so like me :D Cropped sleeveless top, a miniskirt and a 4 inch heels all in one is really fierce for my taste!...though for sure I can pull this off if I'll be attending a fashion event eh hehe

...and I'm toting a Prada bag! :)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Off to school!

No I'm not into school anymore...I'm sharing this outfit taken last week before I bring my son to school...and...whoa! I see those skeptic eyes following my butt...just ignore them besides I did not violate their school rules, I think! :D

I don here Korean brand fuchsia pink ls, Have (on tag) satin shorts, Darlington sheer stocking, and Camper loafer.

cam whoring!

cam whoring! that's what I did last night :) I decided to do some photo ops for my chictopia entry. I tried different outfit to choose and select which is best har har

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Another Miley C. inspired outfit :)

The same top I wore in my OOTD yesterday, it's just that I paired it with miniskirt and fringed boots. An outfit inspired by Miley C. again! :), 'twas paparazzi photo of Miley walking down to her car with her fringed boots and distressed (pocket out) shorts. Unfortunately, I can't find the link :( thrifted from top to bottom, except my watch :)

I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus. For pete's sake she's half my age younger! :)...just noticed my fashion inspiration we're all belong in a younger generation huh! funny eh...wondering if it was I that does not dress my age or fashion nowadays are more fun to try?!...anyway, I dressed not because it's "in" but because it is me! :)

I stole Miley Cyrus outfit!

I found this tee, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria, from a thrift bazaar. Napadaan lang ako actually, nag-ukay ukay eto ang nahanap ko :) I wore this outfit going to my dormitory a day before my work. It's so light and comfy and since summer is coming I guess this is a perfect an everyday top especially sa hot and humid weather natin! :)

Friday, 4 March 2011


Fringed ankle boots from a thrift store inspired to acquire this boots from I am Alexa on her Boho OOTD. Had wore it but did not take an OOTD photo...:)

and that's my legs eww! :D

Rock my outfit!

can't think of anything to wear! I've modeled my knee boots :) a few ebayers are inquiring for it unfortunately wala pang new owner na same foot size with me hayz...though I'm not in a hurry of disposing it. I sooo like it! kahit wala naman tayong winter season here hehe...