Sunday, 19 February 2012

I heart you!

I had no entry this last few weeks 'coz I lost my data cable which I use to transfer my photo from my digicam...and finally found it last night!

I received a Nina Ricci EDT and a bouquet of candy flowers w/ Hello Kitty from, of course, the sweet boyfie :)

Nothing spectacular date happen last St. Valentine's day, we just ate, talked and talked, just a quality time together. I don't really celebrate this event on a particular date. For me everyday is loveee...may it be Feb. 14 or any date it's all the same when you both love to be with each other :) weeh cheezy!

Sooo belated hearts day to 7 billion people!

Birthday surprise

The bf surprised me of a pre-birthday dinner on cruise in Manila bay. It was really a first time for me and I was so happy he had made an effort to treat me in a special date.

Though the food and the smell of the sea was not pleasing for me/us the thoughts really matters to me :)

On the day of my birthday we had a buffet breakfast @ Bayview Park Hotel, I didn't took pictures while there got shy :) instead I just took a shot of their plastic bag :D

so this is what I've got on my birthday...thank you so much babe! :-*