Tuesday, 23 February 2010

90/10 Principles

I wanna share a forwarded email from one of my yahoo group, FFO.

it's worth reading...and most of us were surely guilty of this.

We sometimes tend to have a negative reactions in many things. I can honestly say, I am guilty of it. Angry or harsh words are better left unsaid. It's not only the other person we hurt but also ourselves. We feel guilty about it afterwards. The stress it causes us affects our systems. Sometimes we overlook the consequence of our negative reactions, damage has been done and we can not take our words back!...and that's the hardest thing...

Have a great time reading...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Monday, 15 February 2010

2010 Hot Air Balloon Festival

I was one of the myriad spectator of the 15th Hot Air Balloon Festival last saturday at the Clarkfield, Pampanga. I arrived at the venue at around 4:30am, I thought I was too early but I was surprised when I get there, the place was already jam-packed! Even the spacious parking area provided was also crowded.

I just watched the event in the general viewing area (the area which cost an entrance fee of PhP150) not too far from the hot air balloons. There were also the VIP pass (which cost PhP1000), this is where you can go closely to the assembly area and where you can asks questions with the delegates. Just witness some skydivers, light aircraft exhibitions, paragliding, etc. Different booths found also inside the venue such as food cart, local products exhibits and other booths to check. There were also a display of different types of aircraft where you can take pictures beside it. I just stayed until 8:00am as it was really hot and humid. Overall, I think the affair is a huge success in terms of attendance compare to previous years!

I took a photo of my favorite hot air balloon in the air, the turtle, Pong Pagong!

Monday, 8 February 2010

"Black" Henna Allergy

I got an allergy from “black” henna tattoo when I first tried it. I had it when I went to Boracay last year. 3 days after, I felt itchy but ignored it and washed it with soap and rubbed it gently so that it won’t fade(‘coz it doesn’t served its purpose yet, I’ll tell you later what it was), I did not scratch it because I was afraid it would damage more. So the itchiness went on and off. Persistent irritation and itchiness back again after 2 weeks. My skin got reddish and blisters appeared. I research online what’s happening to my henna stained skin…

I found out that I’ve been sensitized to PPD or para-phenylenediamine, forever!

PPD is an organic compound added to hair dye. So when I grow old and when my gray hair starts to appear I can not hide it with hair dye anymore. Pure henna is not black!’s reddish, burgundy, or brown…when it’s black, PPD were added into it!...

Being stubborn, I had it again when I came back to Boracay last January. It’s kinda cool! and because it covers my scar on my left leg (that’s the reason why I kept on trying it). For the second time around rashes occurred again but that doesn’t stop me from having it again and again!! Well, luckily for me it wasn’t that bad, some people really had a serious allergic reaction to it.

Just be very careful if you want to try temporary tattoo!