Saturday, 30 April 2011

Blogger favicon changed!

I'm so happy I've been able to change my favicon (that B w/ orange background) with my temporary image URL (photo above grabbed from Amazon). Thanks to you Zuzi of Salad of my life ! A step by step guide how to change favicon here :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

thrift shopping!

Went thrift shopping last Friday and bought these 3 items. Zara woman sheer top and red fabric belt and the other one is H&Mmama skirt ala dress :)...I DIYed the skirt, make a two pleats on the waist to tightened it. So, dress or skirt?!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mother, mother I am sick! call the doctor very quick!

Actually wala si mader nasa province. Got sick pagbalik ko from a 3 day vacation (huh?)...sobrang pagod siguro...di nga matawag na vacation eh kase I just smell my hometown's air and leave! :(...pagbalik work agad...kaya ayun!...

...had sorethroat, aching joints and maskels (muscles! :D)...I brought myself to the doctor, kakaiba sya ha!...I hate going to doctors because of their "prescribe medicine"...but him (Dr. Alfonso-Surgeon, ata from ARDI Clark) insisted not to give me any medication except lozenges, enough rest, and water therapy! like it!...tipid na less stress pa! kaiisip pambili ng gamot hehe...he told no night life/gimik for the moment (rest nga eh! dahil siguro sa outfit ko muka akong maglalamierda! harhar) and no smoking (I don't naman talaga!) straight daw ako! :D...

as for the outfit from top to bottom thrifted yan!...H&M pinstripe polo, miniskirt (?), Camper loafer, Balenciaga bag (weh di nga?!) :0...that's all for now!