Friday, 14 August 2009

budget trip to Boracay

I will give you an idea how much it cost going to Boracay in a budget. Who says you can not go there without spending that much? Well, I've been there, with a friend, last week for a 3 days and 2 nights stay. First, if you really want to spend less book your flight as early as 4 months and do not go there during Peak Season. We booked our flight through online booking from Our flight supposed to be from Manila to Caticlan airport but Caticlan airport was closed then so we were transferred to Kalibo airport free of charge on land travel going to Tabon port. We rode a motorized banca and takes us 15mins to Boracay island. From there going to the D' mall it cost Php100 for a rented tricycle, but since I’m talking about budget, you just have to wait other passengers though. From D’ mall we went to station 1, where our hotel located. We booked our hotel, again online, from, 15% down payment and pay the remaining balance upon check-in.

We stayed at La Fiesta Resort our room includes 2 double bed, 1 refrigerator, cabinet, emergency lamp, hot and cold shower, cable TV, with balcony and beachfront. For our safety, there was a security guard on night duty, so you can sleep soundly at night without worrying you might be robbed (as I have researched in some hotel, guest’s valuables were being stolen). Almost the same convenience you will get from high end hotels – comfortable, clean, and safe. And since our hotel is literally beachfront, we can see it from the beach and can go back there any time we want to or get some things in a few steps.

Here are breakdown of expenses:


From Manila to Caticlan

Airfare (Round trip)

- 1255/pax

Accommodation 3D/2N

- 1530/pax

Terminal fee

- 200/pax

From Tabon Port to Boracay

Sea fare (motorized banca)

- 75/pax

From Port to D’ Mall


- 20/pax

Expenses going back

Tricycle (to Port)

- 20/pax

Sea fare (to Tabon)

- 25/pax

Tricycle (to Caticlan airport)

- 40/pax

Terminal Fee

- 20/pax


- 3185/pax

*all costs in peso

Peak Season is from month of mid October to May, the cost of hotel accommodation and airfare during this time will go as high as 50% - 70% more, beach are really crowded during this time while if you book on off peak month which is from June to mid of October they cut it down half. And also you will only find a few foreign and local tourists on off peak season, time to relax and unwind. As much as possible if you’re going to Boracay get a direct flight from Manila to Caticlan airport because it will only takes you 15 mins to the island while from Kalibo airport it takes 1hour and 30 mins, it eats your time instead. But as of today, Caticlan airport still closed due to runway issue, so if you have no choice but take the long trip I suggest take your time to view the scenery and enjoy it.

The photo taken in the farthest area of station 1, the Grotto


Normally during off peak season “hanging habagat” or southwest monsoon, is on the white beach side (side of beach where you will find most hotels) where big waves generally occur (as shown in the picture,actually that’s the calmest waves on low tide!), best time for kite surfing and other water sports that strong winds are essential, usually hot and humid weather. If you want a quite and calm water where you can show your swimming prowess book your hotel accommodation on the other side in Bulabog beach. You will also find a cheaper rate there during “habagat” season, take note I found hotel that cost only PhP900/day, at Surfer’s Home. As for the activities in Boracay for a cheaper cost, haggle! Locals usually approach and offer tourists of different activities and you can definitely haggle your price.I tried my best shot to deals with them charmingly, smile - to ease the conversation, and be friendly you will surely get the best deals!...why would you settle for PhP2000 on island hopping when you can get it for only PhP800!. For the food, of course it depends on how you spend for it. If you will travel on a group of 4 or more certainly you will spend somewhat lower. For instance, if you are 4 in a group, since the room can accommodate up to 4 person it will only costs you PhP765 for 3D/2N that’s really affordable. Restaurants, groceries, ATMs, boutiques, souvenir shops, etc can be found in D’ Mall – a place of everything, you will see the sign board as you arrived there.

All in all staying in Boracay won’t cost you that much. Spend less, enjoy more!...Most importantly, make sure to enjoy your vacation, take time to bond with your friends or love ones! No amount of money can match your quality time with them. Have a great day!


  1. Cool post! I've never been to Boracay (but my boyfriend and I are planning to go there soon) and I was wondering how much will it cost us. Thanks for this very informative post! :)

  2. Hi Mariel, I have attached the actual expenses above. Costs of foods are not included because as I mentioned it depends on how you spend for it.
    If you want to relax and enjoy the beach that you don't need to spend that much, go there during peak season. Work your plan, you will really enjoy in Boracay!

    Thanks :-)

  3. I'm sorry, go there during "off peak season" rather. Thanks

  4. like ur post dear!it's been my long desire to reach this about booking us here instead of Cebu more glad if u come with us (tour guide??? hehe)

  5. @Paz: sure if budget permit why not! pleasure to come with you!...:-)