Saturday, 14 May 2011

My schutz from Adora!

I won in Like MyShoephoria contest last week. We had our shoe shopping @ Adora Greenbelt 5. I got so overwhelmed seeing those sea of shoes! I had a hard time of choosing my shoe prize. I want a flats so that I can wear it anytime but I also like heels, it's sexy you know! :) but decided to chose the latter!...was so elated the next day I wore it when we went to Christian church at Victory The Fort and my friend told me "oh di ba bagay ang shoes mo dito!" (oh see? your shoes belong here!)...most of my friends thought had lose weight maybe because I added some height with my 5 in sandals! looks can be deceiving huh! :D

My first time at the Market! Market! so camwhoring time :D


  1. great blog , I'm a fan of your vintage inspirations, happy to follow here ! very cute !

  2. thank you Tanya for following me :)