Monday, 21 November 2011

A quick trip to Tagaytay City

An unplanned quick trip + no decent photo = memorable for me :D

memorable's our first out of town trip (hopefully more to go!). Here's the resto where we had our late dinner.

I wonder how much they paid for this cottage??
in this particular area dining in will cost no less than PhP1250
instead we had our dinner here no minimum orders required :D

this is an excellent view if only I had a better digicam :(
overlooking Taal volcano (the smallest in the world)

Hopefully we'll have better photos on our next trip.


  1. id love to have dinner there!! those lights make everything 10times prettier :) hope you have a great day! muah!

    x jamie

  2. aw! thanks for your comment! <3 youre so kind!

    xx jamie