Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas gift

Last month the bf asked me what I want for Christmas, I can't think of anything.He's so thoughtful and sweet. He always bring something whenever we see each other..."I don't need anything, all I want for Christmas is...YOU!" I said.

But then here's what I've got...:D

Actually this isn't a surprise because I was there when he bought it, I chose the watch myself, the saleslady adjusted the band to fit into my wrist but I did not wear it right there and then :) on a whim, I asked him to wrapped the gift and had it open on Christmas day :D...this may not be the most expensive gift someone can ever received...but the thought matters so much to me!

 so sweet! :)

I have not given him yet my Christmas presents...until now I can't think of anything :D whenever I asked him he just said "just always be there and love me faithfully..." hmm the cheapest gift I can ever give! no amount of money can ever buy a faithful love :)

Emo!...Merry Christmas everyone!

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