Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Traffic Jam along Daanghari road

Everyday our shuttle service passes through Daanghari road from pick-up and drop-off point. Exclusive villages were found here -Verdana, Portofino, Alabang Southvale, and a lot more. Most private cars, jeepneys, motorcycles pass along this road because this is a shortcut way from Alabang to Cavite.

The chokepoint in that area is 500m away from Shell station going to Ayala Alabang road. The 2 way heavily curve lane creates heavy traffic everyday. It is really a burden to commuters to pass along this area especially when or after the rain because it flooded and some cars can not pass easily.

As I observed, the lane is really so narrow in which large-bodied vehicles will have a hard time to maneuver, that causes traffic. The only way to at least lessen the traffic, I guess, is to widen the road as there’s still more space to use as lanes. Hopefully, the local government or homeowners affected will find ways to improve the area. 

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