Friday, 21 January 2011

Online thrift store

Whew! why I can't wait to write another blog on my thrift find :-)...maybe in time I can not sustain this blog anymore (lol!) if I would only tackle all about thrift store finds...I think the two reasons why I am addicted on buying thrift pieces is that I am into changing wardrobe style and of course amazing low low prices of branded shoes and clothing!

I find myself nowadays wearing long sleeves and boots or pumps. Since I can not afford of buying (and will not buy!) expensive stuff just for the sake of wearing "in" of today...I think thrift store is the answer of wearing fashion for less...on the photo I'm wearing Sisley; clothing brand of Benetton group...definitely I won't buy it in Benetton boutique...only in thrift store hahaha...

I have a feeling...someday I will have my own online thrift store :-))...I really hope so keeping my fingers cross!

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