Saturday, 16 July 2011

Customized shoe: JC Burke

Ok so here's my customized shoe I've mentioned on my previous entry! Got it last Tuesday, I'm happy with the finished product in general though just a little bit disappointed with workmanship. I find some flaws that almost failed my quality criteria but since it's my first to have a customized shoe and it's first time for the shoemaker to make a platform heels, I'll defer my OCness for now. I'm planning to have another customized and my inspiration are already waiting! but not so soon...:)

As for the JC Burke (
what?? who?? is he/she a shoe magnate?) Well he/she is not a known neither unknown shoe designer for your info :D...
I find Jeffrey Campbell's foxy shoes so enviable but I don't think I can afford such shoesies with my frugal mindset and petty income, that's next to impossible to buy :D...but of course I'm still hoping and wishing to shoefairy to grant me a
JC foxy :D...anyways so, I 've also came across this photo of Brooke Burke's python heels (forgot the website failed :( )...


in short this is JC foxy and Burke's heels inpired shoes, hence the name - JC Burke heels! :D unfortunately no available snakeskin on the market. According to shoemaker it's banned! (hmm python and snakes becoming endangered species because of fashion? nay! :D..

I opted for nude leather instead :) JC for the heels and Burke's crisscross strap-open toe style (minus toe cleavage)...can't wait to wear this! just in time for the "godmother" thing by end of month :D

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