Friday, 1 July 2011

My kid won't like it!

Bought another maxi dress at "mobile" thrift store. It's a Bebe dress, sheer fabric with satin lining. If you've noticed the inside lining, it's as long as the outside I just fold it to create a sexy silhouette :)...and got a slimmer figure in here , d'ya think so?! hahaha

I was talking to a friend on my mobile phone while taking this photo outfit. She never had any idea I was posing here and there while chatting w/ her! hehe

I love dressing, unfortunately, there's only few occasion I can wear dresses. We're new in the neighborhood, no friends, no relatives to go out with. The boyfriend not yet home, still at the Atlantic ocean working his ass on a cargo vessel, no dates to attend to :(...anyways, despite of fewer events happening in our new place and the sporadic weather I'd still manage to dress once in a while :)...but the kid is a little conservative (boy @7yo huh!) doesn't want to see me in plunging neckline, short shorts (any outfit that shows thighs and legs), bare backs and see throughs! weeh I love my kid :D


  1. i would love to dress up with you just for fun! you look GREAT here! love the newly thrifted maxi!! the cut is so sexy and the print is so pretty!